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Head of Applications

BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Full Time

About the role

The Head of Applications, a senior executive, oversees software development, deployment, and maintenance. Leading a team, they align technology with organizational goals, collaborate on business requirements, and establish strategic plans. Expertise in software methodologies, project management, and staying updated on tech trends is crucial. Responsibilities encompass ensuring application security, scalability, and performance in line with industry best practices. Effective leadership and communication are essential for fostering innovation and facilitating collaboration among technical and non-technical stakeholders. 

Job Requirements/Specifications

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build the vision /strategy/ target architecture for Applications, Applications Development, and Enterprise Integration. 

  • Establish Apps Development & Enterprise Integration governance and maintain overall responsibility for software quality assurance Proactively works with stakeholders to identify new initiatives to drive cost reduction, improve operations and increase business profitability Collaborates with Head of Cloud/Infrastructure & Cybersecurity to build application and integration solutions that are efficient and cybersecure Research technology trends and in corporate into strategy/ target architecture. 

  • Build and manage a lean hybrid team (i.e. mix internal and external resources) of DevOps and Enterprise Integration Engineers. 

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