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Head of Data Analytics

BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Full Time

About the role

The Head of Data Analytics is a senior executive overseeing the data analytics function. Leading a team of professionals, they extract insights from data, collaborate on data strategies, establish KPIs, and drive data-driven decision-making. Crucial skills include expertise in statistical analysis, data modeling, and proficiency in analytical tools. The role also involves ensuring data quality, security, and compliance, with effective communication of complex findings to support strategic initiatives and business objectives. 

Job Requirements/Specifications

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build the vision / strategy / target architecture for Data Analytics, and create/implement subsequent roadmaps. 

  • Establish Data Governance (including master data management) and maintain overall responsibility for data quality of Data Analytics data assets Interfaces with stakeholders to lead the design of data driven analytics and bi/reporting solutions. 

  • Proactively works with stakeholders to identify new analytics initiatives to drive sales, increase revenue, decrease costs, reduce losses, improve operations and increase business profitability Ensure accurate and timely end-to-end data pipelines. 

  • Research technology trends and incorporate into strategy/ target architecture Build and manage a lean team of data architects/analyst engineers. 

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