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Quantity Surveyor

BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

A Quantity Surveyor will be responsible for Cost Management Planning and monitoring of the changes of the construction work and adjust budget projections accordingly. He/She will also be in-charge of Contract Analysis of the construction projects, will predict potential risks of the tower projects, and evaluation of the work construction of the projects.

He/She will also raise purchase requisition for variation orders, material supply, rectification works, etc. through the ERP system and prepares CME Material Request Form for supplied materials with Regional Manager and Procurement Dept approval.

Job Requirements/Specifications

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepare site based billing evaluation based on provided redline drawing and joint measurement report. 

  • Conduct and manage reconciliation meetings with the Cluster manager and Vendor’s representatives to resolve any billing disputes.

  • Ensure the appropriate routing and processing of documents for CM and RM’s approval.

  • Prepare cost evaluations for any variation claims from the vendor which are reflected on the redline drawings and joint measurement reports and coordinate with Cluster manager for on-site verification/justification

  • Check material testing documents such as concrete compressive strength test, rebar tensile strength test, field density test, Rebar Mill Certificate, etc. to ensure tower foundation compliance with ASTM standards (prior to 2nd billing milestones)

  • Assess the documents from cluster manager for colocation/rectification/modification sites and create a bill of quantity to account all of work required by the client

  • Prepare material canvas sheet and responsible for suggesting alternative suppliers and materials for effective cost evaluation to regional heads, D&E team and procurement Develop a detailed unit price analysis to identify the normal work output and unit rates of labour, tools & consumables, materials, and equipment costs

  • Provide updated QS Trackers with billing and VO’s status, also track delayed submissions from contractor in each timeframe from milestone completions.

  • Prepares CME Vendors Work Completion Certificate per milestone completion upon approval of Regional Manager.

  • Coordinate with the regional document controller and make sure that the original CME documents are received and in full compliance for post construction permitting.

  • Conduct meetings regularly with contractors to update on billing procedures and any billing changes

  • Assessments and evaluations to be completed of agreed Joint Measurement Report for take-over sites having complete material and labor cost budgets available.

  • Raise purchase requisition for variation order, material supply, rectification works, etc. through ERP system

  • Prepares CME Material Request Form for supplied materials with Regional Manager and Procurement Dept approval

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